Plaster, Bonding Agents, Finishes, and Accessories

The right materials are important for a successful plaster job. At Knez Building Materials, we carry a diverse inventory of cement, finishes, bonding agents, and other plaster accessories to make your next project successful.

We have a variety of USG products perfect for a range of structural projects. For strong, sound and fire-resistant walls, RED TOP® gypsum plaster easily adapts to an assortment of ceiling and wall designs. Whether your job is ahead of schedule or behind schedule, we have USG gypsum plaster retarder and accelerator available. USG IMPERIAL® basecoat plaster and veneer finish are a great combination of plaster products perfect for high-traffic areas.

Are you putting materials on an existing wall? To bond your material to plaster patchwork jobs and concrete wall applications, you’ll need the right bonding agent. Plaster-Weld® is a great product for interior projects and works on multiple surfaces including concrete, brick, glass, and metal. Weld-Craete® offers interior and exterior versatility and has an application range of 1 hour to 10 days before concrete placement.  

Our inventory includes:

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