Boom Truck Rentals in Oregon & Washington

Portland Boom Truck

Need a Lift?

  • Max height: 60 feet
  • Max weight: 4,000 pounds
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Any location (OR/WA Certified)

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Need a lift? We have boom trucks rentals on demand for all your lifting and drywall transportation needs. Do you have material that needs to be put on the roof but you don't want to rent a crane? Give us a call at any of our locations in Portland, Eugene, Salem & Vancouver! We have various lengths and sizes of boom trucks to help you on your next job.

Don't get stuck walking materials up the stairs and risking time, money, and potential injury. Knez Inc. is here to help you out with our material handling solutions. Whether you have wood, tile, sacks of dirt, or any other material that needs to go on the roof, we have the means and know-how to take care of it for you.

Boom trucks can also be used to transport heavy items to inaccessible areas such as a ditch or hillside. Are you a contractor in Oregon or Washington that we are already doing a job for? Let us know of any materials that need to be lifted while we are already there to deliver your drywall or metal studs. Save time and money off of other on site lifts by calling any of our stores today.

Drywall moving tools like our boom trucks are used to move heavy material to high places by providing a crane on the back of a regular truck. Also known as an aerial boom truck with its long, extendable boom mounted to the bed or roof of a truck, a boom truck can be used to lift material to the top of a high roofline. Sometimes called a cherry picker, a boom truck with a bucket-like apparatus that sits at the end of the crane can be used to lift workers to the top of a high area -- you've probably seen them the last time the electrical company came to work on the power lines.

Next time you need help with carrying drywall or other materials, call one of our locations in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Vancouver, Clackamas or Tigard. Knez will send out an operator, and even a crew if you'd like help moving material around the job site. Using a boom truck rental to transport material to high places is much more safe and convenient than trying to bring heavy material manually up an extension ladder.

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