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Sky Forklift Services in Oregon & Washington

Can't reach it? Visit our Contact page and give us a call at our Portland, Eugene, Salem, or Vancouver area locations! The Skyfork is a special type of crane designed by John Knez Jr. With its ability to reach high locations, the Skyfork is used as a drywall moving tool wherever a regular boom truck is not able to reach. These specially designed forklifts give us a safer, more efficient way to get your material to those hard-to-reach places.

Portland Skyforks

Our Skyforks were designed in-house to create a more safe and secure form of drywall transportation for moving it to high, hard to reach locations without the use of straps. If not done properly, using the usual two straps to cradle the board and move it around the job site creates a greater risk of damaging the recesses of the board.

Our Skyforks eliminate the need for straps and can carry more drywall to more places at both a faster and much safer pace. They also allow for access at higher jobs, eliminating the need to cut holes or remove walls and windows.

When lifting heavy stacks of drywall with a regular boom truck, an extensive amount of strain is put on the recesses of the drywall, often resulting in breakage and unnecessarily wasted material. Our specially designed Skyfork provides a material handling solution to this common problem, and saves countless amounts of usually wasted material in the meantime.

By protecting the recesses of the drywall and eliminating what would often be wasted material, we are able to cut costs in both labor and material. In addition, our Skyfork provides a much safer method of carrying drywall and drywall tools around your Oregon and Washington job site.

Next time you need help with drywall transportation and moving other materials around your job site, give us a call for a free evaluation. Any of our locations in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Vancouver, Clackamas, and Tigard will provide you a solution to your material handling needs. We never charge extra for the Skyfork, and we'd be happy to help.

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