Material Handling

More than a drywall supplier, Knez Inc. provides our Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, & Salem customers with trusted material handling solutions and equipment. When your construction or building project needs a lift, our boom trucks and Skyforks, manned by our own drivers/operators, will help you reach high places safely and efficiently. Our material handling equipment makes drywall transportation around any job site a breeze. Call us for truck and crew hourly rental rates for your jobsite.

Boom Truck Rentals

Avoid stairs when carrying drywall into the upper floors of your home or jobsite without the need for renting a crane and consider a boom truck rental from Knez for anything else you may need a lift for. Use our aerial boom trucks to lift your materials to high areas. Take advantage of our boom trucks that can transport your wood, tile, or other building materials to inaccessible areas, our boom trucks are on demand for any need. Let no inaccessible staircase, elevator, ditch, or steep incline prevent you from moving your materials where they need to go during your next job.

Skyfork Rentals

Designed by John Knez Jr. himself, the Skyfork is a unique material handling solution when a boom truck doesn’t quite cut it. This special type of crane attachment doesn’t use traditional straps as a way to prevent the damage of the recesses of the board during drywall transportation. A Skyfork is best used when you have to transport materials such as drywall and metal studs to high, hard-to-reach locations without breakage and wasted material. Safe and efficient, Knez Sky Fork rentals can go higher and save you time and money during a project.

Contact Knez Inc. Today

Next time you’re on the job and need some help lifting, Knez has the material handling equipment best suited for your needs. Our Skyfork and boom truck rentals are available for any project in the Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, Salem, Clackamas and Tigard areas. Give us a call today at 503-620-6142 and find safe and convenient material handling solutions through our innovative drywall moving tools.

Boom Trucks

Need a lift? We have boom trucks on demand for all your lifting needs. Do you have material that needs to be put on the roof but don’t want to rent a crane? Give us a call! We have various lengths and sizes of boom trucks to help you on your next job. Don’t get stuck walking materials up the stairs and risking time, money, and potential injury. We’re here to help you out. Whether you have wood, tile, sacks of dirt, or any other material that need to go on the roof, we have the means and knowhow to take care of it for you.


Sky Forklift Services | Material Handling | Knez Inc.

Can’t reach it? Visit our Contact page and give us a call! The Skyfork is a special type of crane designed by John Knez Jr. With its ability to reach high locations, the Skyfork is used for wherever a regular boom truck is not able to reach. These specially designed forks give us a safer, more efficient way to get your material to those hard-to-reach places.