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519 SE Main St.
Portland, OR 97214

We offer same day delivery services!

Knez Inc.’s Portland location is one of the only building supply stores in the heart of the city. It’s convenient location off of I-5 and I-84 makes it easy to pick up building materials in your neighborhood or while coming in or going out of town.

Our Portland store supplies an array of building materials, including spray foam & blown-in insulation, drywall tools & accessories, metal & plastic trim and framing products. However, over the years our Portland location has come to specifically specialize in remodeling and repair needs. We have found that the homes in our community were often built in the earlier 1900’s, and are thus commonly finished with plaster. Recognizing this need, we began supplying a larger line of wall plaster for repairs and patching.

We also carry a wide selection of tile and backer board for kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs as well as a full line of FRP panels. At our Portland location, our experienced employees are available to answer all of your how-to questions. At Knez, we believe that access to a knowledgeable staff can make all the difference to your project.

From homeowners working on a do-it-yourself project to busy contractors building a home from the ground up, our knowledgeable staff is there to help you get the job done. With over 10-15 years of experience in the lumber industry, our staff is well equipped to answer your building and insulation questions.

If you are installing insulation or drywall or weatherizing your home or building -- we are here to help! Come in and experience the difference that a locally owned and operated building supply store can make for your project.