Insulation Removal

Insulation vacuum removal is fast, clean, and efficient.

One of Knez Inc.’s many insulation solutions is insulation removal. Whether it's simply time to update an older home or the insulation has sustained some damage, Knez Inc. is here to help. We offer insulation vacuum removal, which eliminates the time, effort, and the added cost of older, outdated insulation removal methods. Removing blown-in insulation can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming, so instead of having to bag the old insulation by hand, we use a vacuum hose system. This makes removing insulation from your home or building both quick and easy. Our powerful vacuums are designed for fast and efficient removal of smoke, fire, mold, and water damaged insulation from sidewalls, attics, or crawlspaces. There are a number of different reasons why it may be time to remove and replace the current insulation in your home, including:

  • Mold damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Animal infestation
  • In preparation for remodeling

We can be in and out of your home while you are at work, running errands around town, or picking up the kids from school. With no real intrusion of machinery or equipment, there is virtually no disruption to your home in the process. Vacuum insulation removal eliminates any discomfort, mess, and in most cases requires minimal furniture moving. Once you've removed your old, dirty insulation, we will happily provide a free insulation evaluation so you can begin thinking about next steps. Give Knez a call. We’ll take care of the mess and haul it away so you don’t have to.

We're proud to offer insulation removal in the following areas:

Blow-in-Blanket Insulation

Insulate already existing buildings and prevent settling.

Blown-in Insulation, also known as BIBS (Blow-In-Blanket System) insulation, or loose fill insulation, is a unique method of air-injecting insulation behind mesh liners to prevent settling in the walls and ceilings. It is often used to insulate already existing homes or buildings that have no previous insulation, or where additional insulation is needed to insure greater quality for structures overall. Made up of loose particles which are blown into an attic or wall cavities, installation is best done by a professional, as it requires special pneumatic equipment, and even distribution of the material is essential.

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