Drywall Recycling Services

Got a green insulation job on the horizon? Knez Inc. recycles the unused board and other drywall accessories we sell our customers! Your builders and contractors in the Portland metro, Eugene & Salem area will be pleased to know that they too can contribute to a greener building industry.

We are able to recycle any unused board scraps that have not been previously installed. (Unfortunately, we cannot recycle demolition scraps.) We will recycle any scraps that meet the following conditions:

  • Drywall that has NOT been previously installed (i.e., no demolition scraps)
  • Scraps have no paint on them
  • Scraps have no nails or screws
  • No metal trims
  • No garbage

Clackamas Drywall Recycling Center

We also offer drywall & sheetrock recycling and drywall disposal for your DENS products -- drywall made with fiberglass edges, often used for exterior jobs. Call our Clackamas, Oregon location for more information and pricing on our drywall recycling services at 503-655-1991. Have other building supply needs? Our locations in Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, Salem, Clackamas and Tigard carry all the drywall tools and accessories you need for your next project.

Why Recycle?

After grinding up unused drywall supplies and accessories, scraps are 100% recyclable and can be turned into new drywall for your Portland, Eugene or Salem, Oregon building. Drywall is the primary wall material used in the US and in most of Europe, as well. Every year, manufacturers produce a total of 80 million tons of drywall supplies -- and 15 million tons of drywall waste ends up in the landfill. In the US and in Europe, drywall waste that is disposed of in landfills has allegedly created a dangerous Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S). In high concentrations, hydrogen sulfide can be lethal. Although drywall waste itself is not dangerous, when mixed with organic waste and exposed to rain in an anaerobic environment, hydrogen sulfide gasses can begin to develop.

Because of this, several US states are considering fully or partially banning disposal of drywall waste in landfills. By recycling drywall scraps instead, we can help to benefit the environment. Although we do not yet have the means to recycle demolition waste or drywall containing contaminants such as nails, screws or paint, Knez takes all forms of new and clean scraps leftover from a Portland, Eugene, Salem or Vancouver drywall trim or insulation job.

At Knez Inc., we are committed to the environment and we understand the importance of recycling. After any job involving drywall installation, we encourage our customers to bring in their leftover scraps. After chopping them up at the shop, we can throw them right back in to the drywall batter -- converting what would have been waste into raw material for production of new drywall. Help us keep drywall scraps out of the dump and from filling up our landfills. By allowing us to take advantage of recycled drywall scraps, you can be confident that you are doing your part to help protect the environment.