Project Support and Advice

Knez supports you from blueprints to completion.

Project Support and AdviceKnez Inc. has the building material supplies every type of job, from the biggest of projects to the smallest. Are you building a new home in Portland, Oregon? A new tenant space in Eugene for college students? A new building in Salem? Maybe you’re adding onto your existing home in Vancouver, or building a new shop or garage. The next time you have a new construction project, give Knez Inc. a call for the right construction supplies. We’ll be happy to send a friendly expert out to show you how to do the job right. We will take the time that is necessary to walk around with you, answer any and all your questions, and give you a free estimate.

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Right Materials for Every Job

We’ll spec out the materials and check city codes.

If you have blueprints of your project, feel free to bring them into any one of our 6 locations in the Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Vancouver areas. We’ll spec out the materials and make sure you’re meeting all of the necessary codes and ordinances. In addition, we always upgrade and install your required building materials to the next highest rating at no additional cost. We supply all construction projects, including:

  • Commercial projects
  • Residential projects
  • Remodeling projects

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Right Materials for Every Job

Knez Inc. takes construction supply very seriously and we carry a full line of building materials that will help you complete any project. We offer everything from a whole array of drywall and drywall tools & accessories, many various types of plaster such as gypsum and lime, and plater tools for manipulating it to steel studs and other metal framing products. We have ways for you to strengthen buildings through our fiber-reinforced polymer or even can save you money with efficient framing fasteners.

Dedication to Personal Service

Big or small, we’re there for every job.

Dedication to Personal Service

Knez Inc. believes in doing the best that you can for the people you work with. From the very beginning, we have been a local, family-run business, and we’ve stayed true to our roots. We believe in honest, hard work, and we believe that our customers deserve the best possible service that we can give them. We’ve been around a long time serving the Portland, Eugene, Salem, Vancouver, Clackamas & Tigard areas, and our core values in excellent service and hard work have never wavered. We would love to have the opportunity to earn your business.

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