Whether it's gypsum plaster, plaster of Paris, lime plaster, or cement plaster, Knez has what you're looking for. We also have a large inventory of conventional and veneer plaster materials and tools to help you with any remodeling, touch up, or new construction projects. From start to finish, we have all the building supplies you need at our Portland, Eugene, Vancouver, Salem, Clackamas, and Tigard locations.

Looking for that traditional, antique look of plaster that is still so alive in the Portland, Oregon metro area? We carry multiple types of metal lath, both plastic and regular based cement, as well as lime and sand for mixing.

Similar to mortar or cement, plaster starts as dry powder and is mixed with water to form a paste that later hardens. Because it remains quite soft after setting, plaster can be easily manipulated with the right tools. For this reason, plaster is most suitable for a finishing as opposed to a load-bearing material. Metal Lath is made from expanded steel and provides a lightweight and easily attachable base for applying plaster. It is usually applied flat across the stud plane and fastened with nails, staples, or wafer head lath screws.

Metal lath comes in a range of configurations, including:

Diamond Mesh
  • Multi-purpose utility/stucco base lath and reinforcement
  • Used for both interior and exterior work
Self-Furring Lath
  • Available in both dimple and continuous V-groove styles
  • Ideal for exterior stucco over sheathing, masonry and other solid surfaces
  • Available with or without paper backing
Paper-Backed Lath
  • Used behind traditional stucco, stone and tile installations
  • Helps prevent loss of plaster when applying
  • Provides protection against wet areas during stucco curing
  • Available with both flat and self-furring lath
3/8” Rib Lath (Hi Rib)
  • Deep longitudinal ribs provide extra strength, suitable for use on ceiling spans of 24”
  • Also used as reinforcement for concrete floor and roof slabs
Spray Rib Lath
  • More rigid than diamond mesh lath
  • Not to be used as a replacement for Grade D breather sheet moisture retardant paper

Cement Plaster

Cement Plaster is a mixture of sand, suitable plaster, Portland cement and water. It is usually applied to masonry interiors and exteriors to achieve a smooth surface. Sometimes gypsum plaster is used as a final layer on interior surfaces. Our inventory includes:

  • Lehigh Portland Cement (80 lb)
  • Lehigh Plastic Cement (80 lb)
  • Western Miracle Lime (50 lb)
  • Mason Sand (50 lb)

Knez is your one-source Portland builders supply. We also have locations in Eugene, Vancouver, Salem, Clackamas, and Tigard so top quality building materials are never far away.