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What is Whole-House Weatherization?

Whole-house weatherization is an energy-savings approach that treats the house as one energy unit rather than a makeup of unrelated parts. Read on to learn the latest from the Knez experts as we break down the basics on whole-house weatherization and its various phases.

Whole-house weatherization increases home energy-efficiency by identifying and resolving the home’s energy problems. Whole-house weatherization consists of four phases. These energy-reducing steps include a home energy audit, a selection of energy-savings measures, installation of energy-savings products, and post-installation test.

Here is a summary of the four whole-house weatherization phases:

  1. Home energy audit

A home energy audit is like an energy report card for your home. You find out how much energy your home uses and learn the sources of its energy loss. You can perform a DIY home energy audit by using a year’s worth of utility bills to get an estimate of energy consumption. Or you can hire a home energy auditor who detects all sources of energy-loss in your home to estimate its overall energy efficiency.

  1. Selection of energy-savings measures

After reviewing the results of your home energy audit, you can then decide what energy-savings measures you should take. In addition to changing your family’s energy consumption habits, common energy-saving measures include replacing appliances with energy-efficient ones, adding insulation, and sealing ducts and air leaks.

  1. Installation of energy-savings products

The only way to combat energy-loss and save on energy costs is to implement the energy-savings measures that complement your home’s energy-efficiency needs. Whether you’re applying spray-in foam insulation or replacing old appliances, call on a qualified professional to get the job done right. Poorly installed products will not perform properly, which can end up wasting more energy and more money over time.

  1. Post-installation test

Many professional home energy auditors will perform a post-installation test to verify the energy-efficiency measures you’ve applied to your home perform properly. When done properly, this can result in great tax deductions in both federal and state tax returns!

Considering whole-house weatherization for your home? Knez Building Materials Co. can get you started with their full line of insulation products.

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