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Types of Boom Trucks for Your Projects

Boom trucks are utility vehicles used to assist workers in performing a variety of projects that are outside of normal human means. Boom trucks are versatile vehicles that can be outfitted to a variety of transport, freight or material handling tasks. The two most common types of boom trucks are:

  • Aerial boom trucks or bucket trucks, often casually referred to as “cherry pickers,” are transport and utility vehicles used to assist workers in performing jobs off the ground. A lift arm is built into the back of the truck with an attached bucket for a worker to stand in. The lift arm can be raised to the appropriate height to allow a worker to perform a job on trees, raised wires, etc. These are the trucks you often see your local utility workers using to fix phone or power lines.
  • Crane boom trucks are boom trucks that have been outfitted for use as a crane. A crane is a machine used for heavy material lifting and heavy material handling. Though they cannot reach the heavy transport or freight lifting capacity of dedicated cranes, boom trucks can be outfitted with a wench to create a multi-ton crane adequate for all but the heaviest industrial jobs.

A recent innovation of note in the building materials industry is a boom truck modification known as a skyfork, designed by John Knez Jr. of Knez Building Materials. The skyfork is a specially designed crane that can reach higher than a normal boom truck. This is a safer, more secure, more efficient way to get drywall to high and difficult to reach places, without the use of straps.

The Knez Skyfork in Action

The skyfork is also ideal for drywall heavy transport. It does not cause any of the breakage and waste seen with other forms of material handling and material lifting common in the drywall industry. Both for material transport and as a crane, the skyfork is vastly superior to typical boom trucks.

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