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2011 Top Projects SW Washington: Vista Court Senior Housing Partners with Knez Building Materials

Top Projects, a Vancouver Business Journal construction projects magazine, recently featured Knez Building Materials Co. for supplying insulation in the newly constructed Vista Court Senior Housing residential development project in Southwest Washington. The 76-unit independent living community is located in downtown Vancouver, Washington and owned by the Vancouver Housing Authority. Vista Court will house honored citizens who are disabled and low income come 2012.

Knez Inc. supplied insulation for the new Vista Court Senior Housing project in downtown Vancouver. Photo courtesy of The Columbian.

An estimated 10 percent of Clark County’s residents are seniors. Cami Joner, in an article for The Columbian, reported that Clark County’s 65 or older population will increase from 44,000 to 100,000 within 20 years. The four-story Vista Court Senior Housing apartment complex was developed to meet the housing needs of this growing population and to complement the 100-unit Van Vista Assisted Living apartment complex that’s been providing senior housing since 1970.

With today’s emphasis on green building, Vista Court Senior Housing is energy efficient based on its sustainable design and the materials that went into its construction. Knez Building Materials Co. and its team of insulation experts were part of a larger group of subcontractors who participated in the project.

Knez was the featured insulation supplier for Vista Court, providing the right insulation materials to help residents on small budgets save big on their energy consumption and costs. An added bonus to the energy-efficiency of a well-insulated apartment is the noise reducing properties of today’s insulation materials. Knez insulation applications include spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, acoustical sound insulation, building insulation, Styrofoam insulation, and insulation vacuum removal, which eliminates the need to hand pick out old insulation in homes and buildings.

Also in 2011, Knez Building Materials Co. was featured on DIY Network’s “House Crashers: Basement Build-Out.” Knez delivered drywall to help a Portland couple renovate their rugged basement into an entertainer’s paradise complete with a media station and wine bar – read about it in this post on our Building Materials blog.


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