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Top 5 New Ideas for Green Insulation


Green insulation is a healthy way to save energy and the environment. The Knez experts lay out the latest ideas for green, eco-friendly insulation to help you build green and be green.

  • Spray-in foam insulation has come a long way since the sixties when it was first manufactured as an alternative to fiberglass insulation. More and more no-chemical spray-in foam products are being manufactured to meet the green building demand. BioBased Insulation, for example, is soy-based, making it CFC and VOC free.
  • Sheep’s wool insulation is nature’s natural insulator. Wool insulation is healthy for the environment and your home. Sheep’s wool is au naturel – wool insulation doesn’t contain chemicals or synthetics.  Wool fibers are designed to naturally trap air, warming or cooling as needed. Sheep’s wool insulation is also safe to touch and breathe before, during, and after installation.
  • Another eco-friendly insulation product is made from 100% waste recycled newspaper. Warmcel insulation can be blown into tight spaces, layered into walls during construction, and applied to pre-existing drywall panels. UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation is a 100% recyclable product because it’s made from cotton scraps, making it VOC free.
  • Mineral wool insulation is another green insulation product on the market. Part volcanic rock, part slag, and part wool, mineral wool insulation is CFC and HCFC free. Unlike fiberglass insulation, mineral wool insulation has no volatile components, making it easy to handle, install, and maintain.

New to the list is Greensulate insulation, made from mushrooms and agricultural waste. Greensulate may look like a block of soy, but the fungi-foam material is not meant to be stir-fried. Greensulate does not melt, unlike synthetic insulation, and has no VOCs or chemical flame retardants. Greensulate can also be composted after use. As of early 2012, however, Greensulate products remain in the testing phase for the housing industry. Here’s a prototype from Evocative Design:

Greensulate Insulation | Knez Building Materials Co.

Knez Building Materials Co. is happy to help you build and stay green. Call on Knez for insulation products and drywall recycling.

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