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Helpful Hints to Prevent Freezing Pipes this Winter

Don’t let frozen pipes burst your winter plans this season. Instead, plan ahead with Knez Building Materials Co. Call the Knez insulation experts to help you with money saving tips to wrap and insulate the pipes in and around your home, which should be a part of every homeowner’s weatherization checklist. Wrapping and insulating pipes prevents them from freezing this winter and helps you avoid costly repairs and discomfort.

It takes more than frozen water to freeze pipes. It actually requires a combination of temperature changes, ice blocks, and water pressure to cause pipe failure. When the heat emitted from water inside a pipe hits freezing air, the water inside the pipe freezes and turns into ice. The ice blocks water from moving through the pipe. Because the unfrozen water has nowhere to go (the faucet is closed), it sits and freezes in place. The ice block expands along the pipeline, causing a buildup of water pressure. Ultimately, it’s this water pressure buildup that causes pipes to burst.

The best way to prevent pipes from freezing is to keep heat inside the pipe from hitting cold air outside the pipe. Protect at-risk pipes by fitting them with insulation sleeves or foam wraps – the thicker the sleeve or wrap, the better the protection.

Be sure to also check for air leaks in and around pipe fixtures and pipe lines. Common areas include under sinks, in the basement and attic, and in crawlspaces. Air leaks allow cold air into the home, decreasing temperatures and increasing the risk of freezing pipes. Lastly, remember to check outside pipes in the garage, sprinkler systems, and exterior faucets. When in doubt, call on a professional for advice on pipe insulation and installation.

Portland Online provides this handy diagram to educate its residents about frozen pipes.

Why Frozen Water Will Burst Your Pipe. Photo courtesy of

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