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Is it Important to Line My Drywall with Drywall Paper?

The short answer is, yes, it is important to line drywall with drywall paper! Why, you ask? Knez Building Materials Co. specializes in drywall, drywall installation, and drywall recycling, we have the answers to your drywall questions. Read on to discover why drywall should be lined with drywall paper.

Drywall paper is a dense durable paper that typically lines both sides of drywall panels, plasterboard, and wallboard. Drywall paper protects the gypsum-based plaster within its lining. Once the gypsum mineral has been mixed with water, during production, it is poured into standing sheets of drywall paper, where it is kiln-dried and then processed into panels.

The density of the drywall paper prevents the gypsum material from crumbling during shipment and installation, and the durability of the drywall paper keeps the gypsum from breaking when moved or nailed into place.

Drywall paper can also provide an additional layer of protection against moisture, mold, and fire.

Standard types of drywall paper offer minimal protection, which is to protect the gypsum-based plaster within the lining. However, basic drywall paper may not offer full protection against moisture, humidity, and fire. Be sure to use the right type of drywall panels for your drywall application.

Drywall panels intended for bathrooms, shower halls, locker rooms, and even humid climates require drywall paper that protects against moisture, water damage, and high humidity. Drywall panels with end-uses in electrical shafts, mechanical units, and stairwells and elevators require drywall panels and paper that is labeled fire resistant.

Drywall paper should be repaired if damaged. Scuffing, minor dents, and nail holes from misplacement can be mended with an application of a joint compound. The drywall panel is then sanded and, if necessary, repainted. Any trauma to drywall that drives through and breaks down the plaster, however, is extensive and may need full panel replacement, especially if the panels provide protection against water and fire.

Got more questions about drywall? Contact the Knez experts and visit the Knez Building Materials Co. blog to learn more about drywall products and our drywall recycling services

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