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How to Winterize for the Season

Winter means holidays, families, fireplaces … and potential dangers for your home and your wallet. After you’ve seen to standards like emptying gutters, weather-stripping, and checking pipes, you should think about upgrading your home’s insulation.

Winterize Your Home with New Insulation from Knez Building Materials Co.

Because winter also means higher heating bills! The colder it gets, the more it costs you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Upgrading your home’s insulation level is an efficient way to keep heat in your house and the gas company out of your wallet. In fact, home insulation levels are probably the single most important factor in determining how much heat you use, and how much money you spend on gas bills.

Adding insulation to the walls of your home requires knowledge of home building materials and techniques. For this type of job, it may be best to contact an insulation contractor that specializes in home insulation projects. The cost of paying a professional can be saved many times over by reducing your monthly heating bill.

There are also simpler insulation jobs that you can do yourself. Attic insulation is one of the most important parts of keeping your home warm. Upgrading the level and quality of your attic insulation can save you significantly on your heating bill. And because attic insulation is (usually) accessible, it can be upgraded or replaced more easily than wall insulation can be.  Insulation may also be accessible and easily upgradeable at the ceiling of unfinished basements.

Pipes and your hot water heater can be easily insulated to reduce hot water bills and help prevent cracking and bursting. Most hardware stores carry pre-cut foam insulation designed specifically for pipes. Simply fit around the pipe, duct tape into place along the edge, and you’re done – and you’ve saved money.

These simple projects can be done in a weekend, could save you large amounts on this winter’s heating bill. For more tips on caring for your home in winter, and more on home building materials, keep checking our regular updates in this space.

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