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How Can Boom Trucks be Used in Your Next Project?

As we mentioned in our earlier post, Boom trucks are flatbed trucks used to load, transport, and lift heavy materials. Boom trucks come in several different shapes, sizes, and lifting capacities and are used in residential and commercial construction projects. Knez can deliver a boom truck or skyfork, an operator, and crew right to your project site to help out with the heavy lifting.

Our very own Boom Truck at Knez Building Materials Co.

Consider using a boom truck or Knez Skyfork for your next construction project or when heavy lifting is needed.

The Knez Skyfork, designed by John Knez Jr., is the ideal crane attachment when delivering drywall. The Skyfork does what the boom truck can’t – access hard to reach high places, such as stairwells, covered parking lots, or areas within the jobsite that a boom truck can’t reach. The Skyfork makes drywall delivery easier, safer and more cost efficient by preventing damage to drywall panels when moving drywall stacks with a boom truck.

The Knez Skyfork

Boom Truck Facts:

  • Mini boom trucks are the safe alternative to the extension ladder, lifting workers toward hard to reach high places in warehouses and storage facilities. Mini boom trucks come in handy for ceiling repairs, too.
  • If you need to transport heavy materials or equipment across town and need to do work in high places, use a bucket boom truck. Bucket boom trucks or “cherry pickers” have bucket platforms attached to the crane. Utility workers and fire crews commonly use these types of bucket boom trucks on the job.
  • When your construction or work project involves heavy-duty lifting (i.e. several tons), rely on the crane boom truck to do the trick. A crane boom truck, also called construction boom truck, is equipped with a crane. The most common crane types are knuckle booms and trolley booms. Knuckle boom trucks are smaller than traditional cranes and offer more maneuverability in moving heavy materials and equipment.
  • Concrete boom trucks are used to drive and dispense concrete into designated areas. There is a specialized hose and nozzle, attached to the boom, used to pump the concrete.

Stay tuned for more on boom trucks and building materials right here on the Knez Building Materials blog.

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