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Alpha One Spray Foam and Coatings – Used in Northwestern University Build

Alpha One Spray Foam and Coatings, a Louisiana-based roof restoration specialist, renovated a 23,000 square-foot pedestrian deck for Northwestern State University of Louisiana’s Sylvan Friedman Student Union in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Alpha One partnered with Roofing Solutions to complete the 20-day polyurea / urethane deck-coating project in 2011.

The Northwestern State University Build deck-coating project consisted of several phases. First, the Alpha One Spray Foam and Coatings team removed the surface layer of Epoxy Pressed Gravel from the student union’s pedestrian deck. Following removal of the 1-inch surface layer, the team checked the 23,000 square-foot surface. In an article for, Alpha One Owner Steven Loga said team members checked the surface’s integrity with hammers in hand. Commenting on the project, Loga explained, “If the epoxy decking was secure, a ‘thud’ sound would be heard. If the original epoxy gravel had separated, hollow sounds would be made.”

The Alpha One team then hammered out all of the hollow spots on the NSU student union pedestrian deck and applied structural cement to the newly-made cavities. After curing, cracks were checked and chipped and rods were placed in the expansion joints. The team applied three VersaFlex products to fill the joints, prime the area, and reinforce the seams.

Alpha One team members applied Neogard Tan Urethane Coating to base coat the surface deck, completing the polyurea / urethane deck-coating restoration project 10 days ahead of schedule.

Watch the Alpha One Spray Foam and Coatings’ NSU project highlights on Foam Week TV:

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